Positive and Encouraging Thoughts (P.E.T.S.) Clubs

Adolescence is the period of developmental transition between childhood and adulthood. It involves changes in personality, as well as in physical, intellectual and social development. During this time of change, teens are faced with many issues and decisions. Some key issues that can have great impact on teenagers are; Self Esteem issues, Peer Pressure, Sex, Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol, Depression.

Anxious feelings, worries, or fears are common among children and adolescents. Many children experience a normal amount of apprehension in certain situations, whether it is about an upcoming test at school or a thunderstorm, and so they must be guided aright.

Children and Adolescents have so much energy and drive, and they must be helped to channel them positively, else we would have an undeveloped and crueler world. A healthy and confident child will ultimately become a healthy and confident adult.

The aim of PETS in schools is to equip kids and teens with positive and encouraging thoughts through the use of multimedia while engaging them in creative game activities, motivational lessons, blogging skills development and competition, cartoon creation, scripting, role plays and peer education. PETS’ initiative uses tools that develop STEM skills which is an integral requisite for thriving in a technology-driven and defined future. 

Target Audience:
  • Secondary School Students (Both Junior and Senior Students)

  • To encourage the development of STEM skills
  • Empower young people to handle life challenges with ease
  • Learn to recognize ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
  • Create PETS (Positive and Encouraging Thoughts) that crush ANTS(Automatic Negative Thoughts)
  • Help gain valuable, lifelong skills and build a circle of ‘PEP’ (Positive and Encouraging People) around themselves.
  • To create hygienic rivalry among the students

  • Community development
  • To produce healthy and active kids and teens.
  • To empower young people to have a positive image and a healthy self esteem
  • To project the KAI brand and enhance her vision.


Knowledge Aid Initiative has reached about 250 Students (Boys and Girls) both in Nigeria and Ghana Between January and May, 2017, Knowledge Aid Initiative visited two Secondary Schools in Ibadan, Nigeria and five Secondary Schools in Ghana to educate and empower young secondary school students on the development of a healthy self-esteem and how to crush Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS) with Positive and Encouraging Thoughts (PETS). The skills learnt will enable them gain valuable and lifelong skills, and also empower them to handle life’s challenges with ease..

Long Term Impact

A well-equipped child with a healthy self-esteem who has a positive image of him/herself will grow up into an adult with a balanced view of life and this ultimately transfers into Community development and that of the World.