Success Ojo

The holiday season is a time of great joy for so many, and a time of the year when we place an extremely large amount of consideration on others who we know and love. During Mrs Success ojo ;KAI executive director holiday trip to Nigeria from United States of America, she discovered Purpose and a great need to give back to the communities they raised her and spread the impacts across to other part of Africa and eventually the rest of the world...

“On January 6th 2016 during my trip to Africa, I asked myself these questions, why are so many children especially girls still out of school? Why is youth unemployment keeping growing in uncomfortable proportion? Over 90,000 children could die of starvation with over 74% of them in marginalized and hard to reach communities! How is it possible we do something and we start now with just what we have? that number laid heavily on my mind like never. So, I decided to do something about it, sold the initiative to people of like minds and passion and Knowledge Aid Initiative was officially launched."
Success Ojo

Knowledge Aid Initiative (KAI) grew out of a vision of ending poverty, social injustice, and illiteracy in our communities and more practically address underlying causes of poverty. Our focus is explicitly on the well-being, social position and rights of women and girls, children and youths in Nigeria most especially from marginalized and hard to reach communities. KAI’s Key Programs are holistic, long term, deep impact “scheme” that work directly with key populations to ensure that the root causes of poverty and marginalization of people, particularly poor women and girls, are tackled strategically and collaboratively.

We remain a catalyst for change and contribute towards seeking a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty is overcome and people live in dignity and security. KAI seeks to create and promote opportunities that empower people to live independent lives, free from poverty, disease and hunger. The scope of KAI 's work will continue to grow. Once we have successfully demonstrated the impact of our work in Nigeria, we intend to apply what we've learned to other parts of west Africa and eventually expand to the rest of the world, most especially the eastern part of Africa.

Success Ojo
"I visited one of the communities we are presently working called Ilaje, and discovered that they have no riches, and It is a densely populated area and it lacks basic social amenities such as toilets, bath houses, drains, schools, general playgrounds, designated refuse sites, 98% of the families in the community live below a dollar per day. The children look malnourished in every sense.No sign of hope in the nearest future, except a drastic intervention is put in place."

Our Mission

Knowledge Aid Initiative is committed to protection and empowerment of women, children and youths and the enhancement of gender equality.

Our Vision

A peaceful world in which people most especially women, children and youths live free of poverty, abuse, discrimination, educational deficiency and exclusion by closing the gap to live better and lead the change.
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