To be a youth in these days is very challenging especially in Africa. Youths are deprived of the basic tools of living well and most have turned to the use of various vices to live and achieve their aims. This has a great negative impact on them, their families, their nations and the world at large. Despite these grave issues, some youths are still striving to make the world a better place with the skills/education they have and have acquired.

The aim of GMYE is to help the youths channel their strengths and skills into good use through trainings, mentorships, and various forms of empowerment. KAI believes youths are the leaders of tomorrow and now and so need all the empowerment they can get.

Target Audience:
  • Youth

  • To empower the youths to be more productive, focused and determined to succeed.
  • To instill the spirit of helpfulness in young persons.
  • To give the youths the tools to collaborate, solve problems, brainstorm and reflect
  • To help them learn to succeed.
  • To encourage them to use their passions and channel their energy for good.

  • To mentor and train the youths.
  • To help them channel their passions and energy for ultimate productivity.
  • To provide them with skill development, critical awareness and opportunities.


In March 2017, Knowledge Aid Initiative provided a platform for budding entrepreneurs and startups to interact, pitch their ideas, brainstorm, strategize and reflect extensively on their ideas. They were evaluated by Professionals in various fields who helped to shape some of their ideas and opened them up to new perspectives. They are mentored by trainers of the Knowledge Aid Initiative. Also, in April, a Social Entrepreneurship Master Class was organized to train and mentor youths.

Long Term Impact

Knowledge Aid Initiative’s goal for Global Movement for Youth Entrepreneurship is the outcome by which youths, as change agents, gain and effectively utilize their skills and education to impact their own lives and lives of other individuals, organizations and communities, thereby creating sustainable communities. GMYE also aims at involving and engaging the youth as agents of change and equal partners in the development of their communities, ultimately providing 10,000 youths with resources to lead sustainable change and achieve more positive outcomes.