FIFES (Fishermen Family Empowerment Scheme)

It is open knowledge that Fishing Communities particularly in Africa are often than not neglected and deprived of the several advancement seen in urban areas. This is either because they are in remote locations, far from the City Centers or because the residents are mostly illiterates and are unable to demand for their rights.

We are concerned about the all round development and mpowerment of families and residents of fishing communities. KAI works in thos communities by granting loans to buy/repair nets, hooks etc. We empower the women and provide the requisite tools for the children to study and school better.

FIFES is a project put together for the whole family unit. It caters for the father, mother and the children. We work in remote areas and with/for the vulnerable and the neglected.

  • To eradicate educational deficiency in the community.
  • To empower women by providing them with needed opportunities, skills,knowledge and relevant information on hygiene and sanitation.
  • To provide the men with capacity to take care of their families, and refuse abuse.
  • To empower the youths and the community to live better and lead a sustainable change.

  • The ultimate purpose of FIFES is the all-round development and empowerment of families and residents of fishing communities.


Knowledge Aid Initiative visited two fishing Communities; Ilaje in Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria and Chorkor in Ghana between January and May, 2017. Through FIFES, the Organization provided the men with soft loans to repair and/or buy nets, fishing hooks etc, the women were also empowered with some loans and talks/enlightenment on the importance of cleanliness and education especially for their children seeing that their community is filled with filth.

The children were given educational materials, and were encouraged to choose to go to school. KAI provided lunch for the students, and it was discovered that more children came to School and more parents released their children to come on the day the lunch was provided. About 100 families were reached in these two fishing communities.

Long Term Impact

FIFES’s ultimate goal is that residents of fishing communities have all necessary tools for advancement and can engage profitably with the rest of the world, and also that their environment is safe for all. The empowerment and development of families is ultimately the development of a Nation, Each person/family will have the capacity to provide for itself and ultimately see to the good and welfare of his Country.