Success Ojo Knowledge Aid initiative (KAI) remains committed to improving the lives of people living in marginalized communities.We are delighted to showcase our work of working to build sustainable social change and improve quality of life. We are committed to creating opportunities for Africa's poorest, most vulnerable and excluded people while leading indigenous NGOs in Nigeria, working with the government of Nigeria, Donors, International Partners, Civil society Organizations and Community Based organizations to expand services to under-privileged communities. We have found ourselves deeply immersed in rural, remote communities where the beauty is breathtaking and the human misfortune staggering. Thanks for the support we have received which continue to make a difference in people’s lives across Nigeria and Africa at large. We remain forward looking and flexible, poised to continue delivering the best return of investment in community development through innovative interventions and working with strategic partners. We will continue to play complimentary roles to the larger global efforts to improve the standard of living in our communities and most especially the orphaned and AT-RISK Children, marginalized women and youths living in rural, remote communities. We are proud that we are making such a contribution to national development through the provision and advancement of health, education and business development programs.

Our Mission

Knowledge Aid Initiative is committed to protection and empowerment of women, children and youths and the enhancement of gender equality.

Our Vision

A peaceful world in which people most especially women, children and youths live free of poverty, abuse, discrimination, educational deficiency and exclusion by closing the gap to live better and lead the change.