Gender inequality has been built into kids through both clear and subtle means. Even toys that have scientific and computer skills are often built for boys. Most computer classes whether in secondary school or at the tertiary institutions are dominated by boys. The benefits of girls and young ladies having computer skills are enormous. Some of them are; the enhancement of gender equality, more career options, financial independence, closing the gap of unconscious bias, boosting the confidence of girls and women etc.

Computer for Girls is a program put together as a gateway for Girls to enter the computer field. Our program works to inspire, educate and equip girls with computing skills to pursue 21st Century opportunities in ICT. We focus on closing the gender gap in technology. Our utmost belief is that Girls can change the world through Computer education.

Target Audience:
  • Primary Audience (Secondary School Girls)
  • Secondary Audience (Young women in Tertiary Institutions)

  • To encourage more girls to develop skills in STEM
  • To teach teen girls and young ladies how to use software, and offer more insight into how software ideas can be sparked, created and developed.
  • To get younger kids, both from rural and urban areas to pursue careers in ICT.
  • To encourage girls to use technology in whatever field they find themselves, so as to create sustainable communities.
  • To equip girls with skills and cognitive ability to use ICT to solve problems.
  • To provide Africa, and the world at large, with a generation of female role models in ICT

  • To project one of the thematic areas of KAI; ICT Education.
  • To increase access to Computer for young girls.
  • To provide computer science training and gadgets in schools (both rural communities and urban centers).
  • To bridge the gender gap in technology education and professions.


Knowledge Aid Initiative has reached close to 150 girls both in Nigeria and Ghana and provided access to Computer training. Between January and May, 2017, Knowledge Aid Initiative reached out to two Secondary Schools in Ibadan, Nigeria and about five Secondary Schools in Ghana to train young secondary school girls in the use of Computer and programming. The skills learnt will make them eligible for more types of employment and enable them connect with the world.

Long Term Impact
  • 1. Young Secondary School Girls will own Computer systems, and will be well trained with skills on the basics of programming and coding.
  • 2. Young women in tertiary institutions in Nigeria will be well trained on advanced mobile apps development, coding, programming etc.
  • These skills will equip them to use technology in whatever field they find themselves, so as to create sustainable communities.