Math Champ 2017


There is a general impression about Mathematics; students see the subject as difficult, technical and abstract which require special intellectual attitude. Sequel to this, KAI is organizing a mathematics competition (Math Champ) which is aimed at spurring the interest and passion of students in mathematics, to celebrate and award schools and students, to promote and contribute to the SDG4 of the sustainable development goals.
Expected participants are senior secondary school students (SSS2-SSS3) across Oyo state.
Participants must not be less than ten (10) in number and to encourage the girl Child Education, we [appeal that mixed schools nominate at least 2 girls to represent such schools accompanied by a teacher.
Theme: Maths Super Hero 2017
Date: 25th March 2017
Time: 10:00am
Prizes will be awarded to three top students and schools while consolation prizes and certificates of awards to all registered participant.


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