Success Ojo

Success Ojo is a developmental worker with over 18 years of experience. A passionate individual who cares about the role of nonprofit in achieving the sustainable development goals. Success Ojo is the Founder and Executive Director of Knowledge Aid Initiative (KAI) She oversees a crucial part in the management of the Organization.
She is equally sold out to creating opportunities for Africa's poorest, most vulnerable and excluded people most especially children. women and children. A multiple award winner from organizations in recognition her capacity building efforts for CSOs and youth, She currently is a board member of Gofrican Texas and African center for Human advancement and development. Her core specialties are gender, Monitoring and Evaluation, Strengthening civil society, Human Rights, Women's equality organizations and institutions, Social mitigation of HIV/AIDS, child protection and development, Sexual health of young people, Rural Development and social entrepreneurship.
Success has launched many platforms to challenge the status quo in the development sector and change the way we think about scale, impact, and sustainability. She is the founder of BSB Social enterprise Academy ; a social enterprise accelerator working with high impact social business owners get clarity, people and the capital they need to start and scale their impact. promotes social enterprise as a model of doing business. She has contributed to various publications, including The Guardian and Gofrican Social Innovation Review, and speaks regularly at major events, such as Ngoinsider Global Development Conference. Recently, she was the keynote speaker at the Winning Women In tech and development Conference. She is also an active supporter of fundraising activities and initiatives for victims of domestic violence, homelessness and cancer research.
Success ojo holds a Bachelor of Science in Child and family studies from Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria and a Master of Social works from University of western cape , South Africa . She is a graduate of INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship program and attended Stanford Business School’s Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship. She is certified in early childhood education..