Natasha Rehoboth (Msc.)

Natasha has over 12 years’ administration experience gained from roles both here in Australia and United States. She held the position of senior administrator with Toyota in Christchurch for many years before taking on similar roles at Home Ideas Centre and Minolta oil & gas.
Natasha joined knowledge Aid Initiative in 2017 and now provides invaluable administration She also oversees all data collection and analysis that inform strategic planning in the organization. She manages KAI systems that include everything from client interactions to analysis of what is working, what is not, and why. She is in charge of the process by which we create qualitative and quantitative reports that keep us accountable to both our board and the community.
Natasha is dedicated to the not-for-profit sector and has volunteered for a number of community organizations including the Trees of Hope Inc. She was also a volunteer for United ways USA for more than five years.